ABSL's stance on Lex TVN and the impact on investment

The amendment to the Broadcasting Act passed yesterday by the Sejm undermines the right to private property and threatens the further free operation of independent media, which are a pillar of a democratic state ruled by law. An attempt to legally influence the ownership structure of a selected entity raises serious concerns for investors. Such activities will negatively affect the investment climate in Poland, which is one of the strongest assets of our country and effectively fosters locating key foreign investments here, which support both economic development and - thanks to advanced technologies - support innovation and create jobs of high added value . The modern services sector comprises 3.5 percent. Polish GDP, which is responsible for 6.9% of Poland's total exports. It consists of 200 thousands of highly qualified specialists who largely owe the possibility of professional development to the attractiveness of our country for foreign investors. Due to the changes to the media market proceeded in the parliament Poland will be perceived as a country of increased investment risk. This will reduce the competitive advantage of this sector in Poland in comparison to other EU countries, to the real detriment of the Polish economy and the labor market.


We appeal to the Senate and the President of the Republic of Poland to reject the project as it stands, so that Poland remains a credible and democratic country for development and investment.