Agnieszka Orłowska

Agnieszka Orłowska

Wiceprezeska ds. ESG

Agnieszka  has almost 25 years of professional experience, including 14 years spent in the business services sector. After her initial career years spent at Skanska in the Finance Department, she has spent 7 years with WABCO in various HR roles. Mycareer progressed from being Payroll Specialist to HR Director for the whole manufacturing site. 

She is immersed into business services sector in 2007 when she joined HP Global Business Center in the 2nd year of its existence. She worked for 8 years for HP holding various management roles from Knowledge Management, Operational Excellence, Operations Management to the role of the Head of the Center and President of the Management Board. 

She spent 3 years working for Google managing EMEA Customer Care operations. This gave me a chance to gain more commercial experience as the customers were external clients to Google and have the regional responsibility. What gave her a chance to learn from the best practices of one of the biggest companies in high-tech industry.

From 2018, she has been with Olympus where she created the first Business Center for the company and she is part of creating GBS organization working across all regions. With this vast experience gained in the business services sector, she has contributed from the very beginning to the development ofABSL association and its further expansion. 

For many years, she was holding a position of the ABSL Wroclaw Chapter Lead and between 2017-2019,  Agnieszka was part of the ABSL Strategic Board responsible for Talent.


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