Enterprise Council appeals for saving jobs

The Enterprise Council appealed for strict absolute sanitary rules to safeguard the economic growth. The press conference was attended by Jaroslaw Gowin, Deputy Prime Minister.

We expect more flexible labour law regulations concerning work time, to facilitate business operations while employees are forced to manage their professional and household roles. We should implement solutions that support working parents and caregivers in their workplace, as they are currently shouldering household duties, caring for children and their remote learning. As research shows, pandemic restrictions place more burden on women, especially those working mothers with children at kindergarten and school ages. The business services sector has a higher share of employed women than other sectors of the Polish economy - said Jacek Levernes, Honorary President of ABSL.

Heads of all employers’ associations operating under the auspices of the Council of Entrepreneurship plead for:

  • the establishment of permanent dialogue with businesses concerning standards enabling the economy to operate safely,
  • more orderly implementation of pandemic restrictions to avoid sudden regulatory changes that affect whole sectors of the economy and thus safeguard against unnecessary impediments to business operations,
  • earmarking a share of anti-crisis funds to work out and implement countrywide effective sanitary protection system for businesses.

Read the full appeal (in Polish) here.