ABSL Appreciation Gala 2021

ABSL Appreciation Gala

This year’s ABSL Appreciation Gala was a unique event with 225 Guests and 49 recognized organizations and individuals in 10 categories.


We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who was with us on that special night and congratulate all those who were recognized during the Gala in the following categories:

City Leaders Supporting Sector 

Local governments and authorities contributing to the Business Services Sector development via creating friendly, supportive business environment, helping Business Services Sector to thrive in their cities.  

▪️ City of Gdynia
▪️ City of Katowice
▪️ City of Kraków
▪️ City of Lublin
▪️ City of Łódź
▪️ City of Olsztyn
▪️ City of Opole
▪️ City of Poznań
▪️ City of Rybnik
▪️ City of Rzeszów
▪️ City of Szczecin
▪️ City of Tarnów
▪️ City of Warsaw
▪️ City of Wrocław
▪️ City of Bydgoszcz
▪️ City of Gdańsk
▪️ City of Radom

Public Administration Leaders Supporting Sector 

Public organizations supporting ABSL and the Business Services Sector in making Poland a top destination for the sector companies.

▪️ Ombudsman for Small and Medium Enterprises

Business Leaders Supporting Sector 

Business organizations contributing to the Business Services Sector development via collaboration, experience sharing, helping and improving existing processes to stimulate growth.  

▪️ Entrepreneurship Council
▪️ Polish Investment and Trade Agency
▪️ Global Technology & Business Services Council- GT&BSC

Media Leaders Supporting Sector 

Media outlets describing, promoting, highlighting key aspects, needs, transparency in boosting efficient and effective environment for Business Services Sector on Polish market.

▪️ Business Insider Polska
▪️ Forbes Women Polska
▪️ Poland Today
▪️ Puls Biznesu
▪️ Rzeczpospolita
▪️ Warsaw Business Journal
▪️ Financial Times
▪️ Gazeta Wyborcza

Diversity & Inclusion Leaders 

Organizations raising awareness of equality and diversity matters, fostering environment that celebrates inclusion - key values and principles of key priority for the Business Services Sector

▪️ a/typowi
▪️ International Organization for Migration
▪️ Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu
▪️ Share the Care

Talent Development Leaders 

Organizations stimulating innovative growth and promotion of new talents - the future leaders of the Business Services Sector.

▪️ Grupa Absolvent
▪️ Cracow University of Economics for Global Business Services Studies
▪️ Navigo - Autorska Szkoła Podstawowa

Social Impact Leaders 

Organizations, individuals and opinion leaders making a positive change in the field of public discourse, social justice, sustainability and inclusivity.

▪️ Professor Adam Bodnar
▪️ Olga Tokarczuk

Technology and Digital Transformation Leaders 

Organizations accelerating technology-enabled innovation and digital transformation in the Sector.

▪️ Digital University
▪️ Girls Code Fun Foundation

Leaders in Education 

Educational institutions actively engaging and cooperating with Business Services Sector in providing best in class studies, programs and curriculums helping re-skilling, up-skilling of the future Sector workforce.

▪️ Cracow University of Economics
▪️ Kozminski University
▪️ University of Economics in Katowice
▪️ University of Lodz
▪️ SWPS University
▪️ University of Gdańsk
▪️ Wroclaw University of Economics
▪️ Warsaw School of Economics
▪️ West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin

Special Recognition 

Special category awarded to a change agents responding to particular need, helping addressing particular challange or driving particular opportunity for the Business Services Sector.      

▪️ Invest in Pomerania

Thank you for being with us at ABSL Appreciation Gala 2021!

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