The decision to admit new members is made by the Strategic Board
following a review of the candidate’s application.

Who can become
an ABSL Member?

Members of the Association may include employers, i.e. individuals, legal entities or other organizational units that have employees and operate in Shared Services Centers, Business Process Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing, Research & Development (“SSC/BPO/ITO/R&D”) in the Republic of Poland.

Interested in being an ABSL member?

Follow these simple steps 


Download and fill in the Declaration & Questionnaire.


Sign or hand in both documents to be signed by a person authorized to represent company  


Attach a copy of an excerpt from the National Court Register (KRS) 


Send the declaration, questionnaire and KRS excerpt to You can also provide a company logotype.


Once your application is verified, it will be presented to the Management and Strategic Board of ABSL.


If the application is approved, you will receive a welcome email with contact details and extensive info about ABSL and membership as well as a membership fee note.

Contact us for more information regarding members' admission process:


Natalia Chodowiec

Administration Coordinator