WEBINAR: Unlocking Tech Teams in the Remote World

During COVID-19 most Tech Teams have been working fully or partially remote. Specialists spend three times less time working with their managers and teams than before.

On the other hand, 75% of Enterprises expect Tech Talent shortages to affect their business in the future[1]. Efficient management of Tech Talent is a must.

Join us on Oct 22nd at 11:00 AM CET and listen to CASE STUDIES
about how companies like Novartis, Global Manufacturing Leaders & IT Outsourcers are using People Analytics, AI/ML and the Human Cloud to improve their Tech Talent Management

You’ll also learn how you can:

  • Get full clarity into the technical and soft skills you have available to get things done
  • Recruit IT specialists 3x faster with 30% more data
  • Manage remote diverse teams - from different locations, cultures or types of engagement
  • Make futureproof decisions about matching people to projects, internal mobility and reskilling/upskilling programs
  • Get access to an untapped source of thousands of experienced IT Specialists

[1] Everest, 2020

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