World Values Day: Inclusive language debate with Adam Bodnar and Szczepan Twardoch and a flashmob across Poland!

As the world moves on, so does the #WorkingTogether program. We can't wait for the upcoming autumn with numerous initiatives and new ideas! And you are very welcome to join us and make the sector a more inclusive place! The highlight of the World Values Day on October 20 will be a livestreamed inclusive language debate with Adam Bodnar and Szczepan Twardoch immediately followed by a flashmob action organized in cooperation with city authorities in which employees from all Chapter cities will form a "TOGETHER" sign and take part in a competition for the most creative execution of this task. 

Join us in the following locations: 

  • Katowice, Plac Sławika i Antalla 
  • Kraków, Quattro Business Park 
  • Łódź, Nowa Fabryczna przy ul. Składowej 35 (patio) 
  • Poznań, Business Garden Poznań 
  • Trójmiasto - details to be announced soon
  • Warszawa, Plac Europejski 1 
  • Wrocław, Business Garden Wrocław

But first, let us know if you're coming here

In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact Katarzyna Targoszyńska: who is the #WorkingTogether program coordinator.