Why is upskilling of your people more important than ever?

We have all experienced disruption this year, like never before, and had to embrace changes to both business and operating models. What has become clear is that our people are at the center of us being able to continue to deliver exceptional value for our businesses. It is essential that we are building the right skills and competencies to support these ever-changing enterprise goals and objectives, because trying to meet these demands without upskilling our people is an impossible task.

Automation initiatives are changing our requirements of our people. There is a seismic shift upon us, where we will have a much greater need for our teams to be performing high value, unusual and innovative activities, as most of the transactional tasks are automated or eliminated. This creates huge opportunities for us as businesses where we are able to develop demanding and highly rewarding careers for our people, who in turn will add greater value back to our enterprises. However, it is incumbent upon all of us to find ways to ensure we are providing access to the right learning opportunities which fit in with our employees’ busy lives. We must think omnichannel, on-demand, device and platform agnostic; making learning content engaging, informative and, most importantly, relevant and valuable.

This is exactly what the courses offered by The Hackett Institute do.

Hackett research shows that World-class organizations invest 13% more time than peer group organizations on learning and development, and that there is a direct correlation between companies that are top-performers in talent management and improved business outcomes, e.g. higher return on equity (13%), higher return on assets (2%), higher net profit margin (4%) and higher EBIDTA (12%).

There are now more than 450 organizations across the globe benefitting from The Hackett Institute courses, as they are being deployed as part of leadership development programs, to support career paths and HiPo initiatives, amongst strategic leadership teams and more broadly as part of onboarding and learning initiatives.

Offering dedicated courses in Global Business Services, Robotic Process Automation and Working Capital, our programs include:

• Training relevant to all levels of role and experience
• A dynamic, online learning experience, with self-paced, easy-to-digest lessons
• Thought provoking, practical learning activities with immediate application to the workplace
• End-of-course assessment with digital credentials to certify skills and knowledge
• Accredited professional development and life-long learning opportunities.

As a member of ABSL, we are delighted to offer you a 20% discount off all online training courses provided by The Hackett Institute and we hope you will take advantage of this exclusive member benefit.

We do not pretend that these courses provide a single silver bullet for your GBS teams, but if you are not currently using them as part of your education offering to your GBS teams, it is certainly something that you should consider to ensure that your overall employee offering is line with those of the best performing organizations.

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