Green lease agreements - podcast by Colliers

In the podcast, Andrzej Gutowski, ESG Director at Colliers, and Alicja Sołtyszewska, Legal Counsel and Partner at act BSWW legal and tax, discuss 

  • Green leasing agreements, which landlords are increasingly interested in
  • The path to achieving ESG goals in the industry
  • EU regulations,
  • Best practices from other countries regarding sustainable provisions for landlords and tenants.

The podcast will help to discover:

  • The best approach to achieving ESG goals
  • What green leasing agreements are and their purpose
  • How to translate ESG goals into specific provisions in green leases
  • The role of real estate in value chains and non-financial reporting
  • The impact of legislative changes introduced by the European Union, such as the NFRD directive and upcoming CSRD, on lease agreements
  • Why landlords are often the ones interested in implementing green provisions
  • The future direction of green leases and their current status in other European countries

Alicja Sołtyszewska specializes in real estate law, with a focus on office, commercial, and warehouse lease agreements, as well as property portfolio management.

Andrzej Gutowski is responsible for the local implementation of Colliers' global environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance strategy. For nearly a decade, he has been involved in advising and coordinating the certification of commercial properties in Central and Eastern European countries."

Podcast is available in Polish

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