Mission and ABSL values

ABSL's mission is to develop the potential of the modern business services sector and create conditions for its continued growth in Poland. Our aim is to build competitive and sustainable ecosystem that creates new, valuable jobs, helps to responsibly grow business and investment as well as driving knowledge-sharing, education, innovation, public advocacy and communication.

Our top four priorities are: Regional Chapters & Clubs, Advocacy, Talents, Communication.

In cooperation with government representatives, public institutions, central and local authorities as well as local communities, we strive for the enactment of legislation that ensures stable conditions for business development as well as competitiveness and investment appeal in Poland. Together with universities and member companies, we work to improve the skills of people entering the labor market, and widen the availability of human capital in Poland.

We strive to improve public awareness of the sector and communication with the community. The ABSL itself is a trusted partner to several hundred companies from various sectors; both global players with investments in Poland, and Polish-owned companies.

For 10 years we have been building expert competences, know-how and relationships with decision-makers so we can operate effectively. We strive for the enactment of better laws in parliament and the government. Our experts and representatives participate in the legislative work of Parliamentary and Senate Committees. Our strength is in having broad macroeconomic and sectoral expertise as well as a deep involvement in community projects. We provide legal opinions and negotiate business-friendly solutions  on matters covered by sectoral, labor and commercial law. We also monitor regulatory changes and identify barriers to entrepreneurship.

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