Zwolnieni z Teorii and ABSL support the professional start of young Mazovians supported by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Zwolnieni z Teorii and ABSL will support young people in gain entrepreneurship, project management and team work skills. In that, students from 40 schools from the Mazovia Province are granted a chance to implement their own social action project. Then organizers will help them to access employment – they will provide at least 150 job opportunities to take up in companies associated in the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL)

In September 2019 Zwolnieni z Teorii “Quality employment for disadvantaged youth” program will start off in 40 selected schools in Mazovia – in counties, where students are most subjected to social and occupational exclusion. The project’s main goal is for youth to acquire the, so-called, soft skills. Therefore the program will be focused specifically on those skills which, according to employers, young people are most lacking of in order to offer them jobs at, among others, the global companies associated in ABSL. We aim our program to high school and technical school graduating students. We want them to realize that soft skills (such as ease of working in a group, good interpersonal skills, finding solutions or organizing one’s own work time) are of growing importance in their future professional life alongside technical skills. The report of the World Economic Forum “The Future of Jobs” shows that in 10-30 years these competences will guarantee young people a good job in most of the industries, from the accountants to managers – says Paula Bruszewska, CEO of Zwolnieni z Teorii. – In Zwolnieni z Teorii participants gain project management skills through training and putting them to practice organising awareness campaigns against food waste, initiatives limiting plastic consumption, charity runs, workshops teaching seniors how to use computers and first-aid workshops for children. Not only do they gain the competences of the future but they also develop social skills and empathy – emphasizes Bruszewska.

J.P. Morgan is committed to strengthening its local communities worldwide by building stronger and more inclusive economies. We have a passion for helping more people gain skills to access quality jobs and this programme is a great example of how employers and organisations can work together to foster employment opportunities for young people – comments Steven Cohen, Location Lead, J.P. Morgan Warsaw Corporate Centre.

In 40 selected schools, Zwolnieni z Teorii and ABSL will organize training for teachers and provide students with an online training platform. Through the platform, students will have the opportunity to gain soft skills. Teachers mentoring the projects will have continuous support from Zwolnieni z Teorii.

During the programme, ABSL will share its experience and practical knowledge about labor market to support students in a smooth, professional start. In the final phase, when the projects are completed, students will be linked with employers from ABSL. The Association of Business Service Sector Leaders stresses the importance of an effective recruitment process, which provides employers with well-adjusted employees in a long-term perspective.

Project participants will get employability support and guidance, including with ABSL member companies. They will also be invited to a career fair organized in Warsaw, what will give them an opportunity to acquaint with and talk to representatives of the largest companies in the sector – says Marcelina Godlewska, Managing Director in ABSL. – Modern services for business is a sector that has been experiencing a very dynamic development in recent years in Poland. Every year, new centers implementing complex processes for entities from around the world are created. They need highly qualified, talented employees. That’s why we decided to co-organize a project that aims at developing the competences of young people at a school stage and helps them in their professional start – explains Marcelina Godlewska from ABSL.

Our members offer good terms of cooperation and meet the highest standards, such offering an employment contract. The joint program of Zwolnieni z Teorii and JPMorgan Chase Foundation is not only an opportunity for ABSL members to acquire new employees with open minds and key soft skills but, what is crucial, it is also a chance to help young people who frequently do not know where or how to find employment start successful and lasting careers – adds Marcelina Godlewska from ABSL Poland. Participants will have the opportunity to take up employment in areas such as accountancy, HR and IT suport.