ZUS bill case NOT in accordance with the Constitution – ABSL successfully handled the public debate on the bill

The Constitutional Tribunal ruled today that the bill is not consistent with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland in Article 7, mainly due to the significant irregularities while voting on the bill in Senate. This means that the bill most probably will not come into force in January 2019.

It is a great success for ABSL and many business and employees’ organizations involved together with ABSL to rise all negative aspects for the labour market in Poland. Thank you all who supported us in reaching the decision makers and helped to widely present our statement in media. Also, we believe that yesterday’s press conference held together with Fundacja Republikanska and the report on “The effects of abolishing the earning cap for paying the ZUS pension” will have a significant impact on the further debate on social security system.

Last year, the governmental bill surprised all business organizations – it had never been discussed before with any of the interested parties. Soon after the flying pace of the legislative process, there was no chance for open public consultations with the initial date coming into force on the 1st of January 2018, a practice without historical precedent. We reacted immediately, appealing to the President, the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Finance as well as to the Members of the Parliament. Throughout 2019 we have been waiting for the Constitutional Tribunal decision, actively working on presenting our position to all parties, cooperating with main business organizations to rise all negative aspects of the bill for the labour market in Poland, our sector in particular. We are now ready to present it to the government as we must seek to adopt a reasonable position on this. We will keep you posted.