Happy Holidays!

The season is upon us, and with it -
the end of another amazing year.

Best wishes from ASBL!
May your holiday season be all wrapped up
with cheer and filled with celebration
for the New Year

We would like to take a moment to look back
and summarise the greatest moments
of ABSL. Take this trip with us.

ABSL Management Board

We have grown to a total number of 178 regular members,
29 new members

Thought Leadership

The 7th Annual ABSL Conferencegathered
over 1000 participants,
including many global thought leaders

The 2nd edition of
ABSL International Conference,
this time in London,
gathered over 150 CxO level leaders

For the first time, we have, together
with ABSL Romania and ABSL Czech Republic,
hosted senior politicians from all three countries

First edition of ABSL Start-Up Challenge
saw over 50 submitted projects,
of which we chose 3 winners - projects we still
help grow and develop

Business Intelligence

We have published 2 major reports:
Business Services Sector in Poland 2016,
Europe's Business Services Destinations
as well as two local ones (Katowice,
and Poznań is about to be revealed)

ABSL Puls-e had nearly 40 editions,
with almost 200 news
selected especially for you

We have also answered
nearly 100 inquiries regarding the sector
as well as supporting
multiple incoming investments

Local Chapters and networking

We have organised
30 meetings and networking events
led by our 7 local chapters

Our newly created Flying Chapter
hosted three meetings:
in Bydgoszcz, Lublin and Szczecin

We have also run 3 offsite events:
Radom – Radom Shooting Cup 2016
Opole - ABSL Rally Cup
Częstochowa – ABSL AWAY

Knowledge Sharing

Our webinars in 2016 gathered 436 attendees
covering key topics and interests of our members

We also conducted
34 ABSL Clubs, workshops and business breakfasts
focused on cooperation
and exchange of best practices
and unique knowledge

Sector Promotion
We brought new perspective around perceptions
of working in a corporate services environment
via the
CoffeeStories campaign

2016 also saw the ABSL Blog launch,
two nationwide CSR projects:
and two local CSR initiatives:
Buy a Book,
English Summer Camp

Beyond significant press coverage
in Rzeczpospolita, Plus Biznesu, Financial Times
and Forbes we’ve had much stronger presence
in social media, including
LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

We sincerely thank You
for being a part of our unique community,
and our Strategic Partners
for a fruitful year.

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