#Working Together



Equality, diversity, and inclusion are deeply rooted in ABSL’s DNA and are shared values at the heart of our culture.

At ABSL, we believe that diversity fuels innovation, creativity, and engagement – that is why #WorkingTogether is expanded to a whole year program – to continue raising awareness about the importance of an inclusive and respectful work environment regardless of individual differences.

We will be WorkingTogether to build an environment of an open and inclusive culture crucial for business.

#Working Together



The idea of creating an event that raises awareness of the value that international employees bring to Polish society and increase our commitment to diversity and inclusion. In this year the first edition of the Working Together was launched – nearly 20,000 employees, from over 70 companies in 9 cities took part in flash mob, organized by ABSL as part of the campaign.


The year 2020 has been like nothing we have seen before. That is why this year’s edition of #WorkingTogether will be held fully online, but with the same goal of remaining diversity champions, showing commitment towards inclusive workplaces and corporate culture. #WorkingTogether2020 will last until the end of October, announced as the #WorkingTogether month, with new online activities coming every week. This edition’s highlight is also our Declaration of Diversity & Inclusion.



the second time that workers from the business services centers in Poland promoted the idea of cultural diversity in the workplace. The event was extend - actions lasted the whole week, from 14th until the 18th of October. Next to the Flash mob, the debates with the participation of business and local authorities took place, as well as the workshops on diversity, trade fairs, and other fairs


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