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ABSL periodically publishes comprehensive reports for its Members and Sector companies. We make those reports widely accessible to provide valuable know-how for investors and market leaders. See our latest work.

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Coming soon: report about IT industry in Poland!

PDF • 760 KB

The study will present IT solutions and advanced technologies emerging in the country as well as technological areas in which Poland has a chance to become a leader on the international scale. The report will also identify existing development barriers and provide recommendations for activities and initiatives that stimulate the development of the IT sector.


Business Services in Warsaw

PDF • 13 MB

According to the latest ABSL report “Business Services in Warsaw”, the capital is the second largest center of business services in Central and Eastern Europe.


Business services in Opole

PDF • 4 MB

Opole is one of the most dynamically developing business service locations in Poland. According to the newest ABSL report “Business services in Opole”, there are currently 16 business service centers in the city that provide employment for almost 1.5 thousand people.


Bydgoszcz is currently one of the most important investment locations in the business services sector in Poland. Find out more from the latest ABSL report “Business services in Bydgoszcz”.

Report prepared by the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) in cooperation with JLL, Randstad and Everest Group describing Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector in Poland.

Business Services in Katowice & the Katowice Agglomeration

PDF • 8 MB

Katowice is a dynamically developing city in southern Poland with 300 thousand inhabitants. It is also the capital of a two-million Katowice Agglomeration and an important academic, cultural and economic hub.


Business Services in Lublin

PDF • 10 MB

ABSL report, created in partnership with JLL and Randstad, describing the dynamic development of Lublin in the context of business services sector.


Business Services in Poznań

PDF • 7 MB

ABSL, in cooperation with JLL and Randstad, prepared a report, which thoroughly characterises the business services sector in Poznań. The publication, which analyses the chosen aspects of the labour market, office space market and investors’ support measures shows an impressive pace of growth of the sector in the city, where 19 new business services centres were created in the last two years.


Europe’s Business Services Destinations

First of its kind, the report takes a look at 20 destinations in Europe which have grown the most dynamically in the past decade.

Full report is available for reading and downloading at its dedicated website.


IT Services Market in Poland 2015

PDF • 4 MB

The purpose of this ABSL Report is to comprehensively describe the IT services market in Poland. This publication presents the results of analyses based on the answers of 61 respondents representing the most important companies operating in the branch and offering IT services to business or institutional clients.