We welcome another sister organization in Albania!

ABSL international is growing. Albania just started its operations and it’s our seventh sister organization in Europe. The business service sector in Albania is dynamic with an endless aptitude for economic development. The Business Process Outsourcing alone counts to 35,000 professionals across more than 400 outsourcing companies. Clients of this sector are companies from THE UK, FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND AND ITALY. The sector has grown steadily since the 2000s, now offering a variety of services, like inbound services of customer support, outbound marketing and research services, finance and accounting services. ITO is expanding the range of service areas in digital processes, software design and development, blockchain technologies and cyber-security. Albania offers a young work force, motivated to learn new skills fast, a multilingual environment and growing tech-hub location.

The rapidly-growing business services sector in the CEE Region now employs over 750,000 people. As a result of robust international cooperation, we are able to learn and benefit from the experience of companies across the region, accelerating the industry’s growth and effectively addressing the challenges it faces. As the largest organization representing the sector in the region, ABSL strives to promote innovative solutions and support new investments that will help the industry grow on an entirely different level.