Olivia Business Centre - ABSL Welcome Cocktail partner focuses on ESG

Olivia Business Centre is a prestigious and vibrant business center located in the heart of Tri-City comprising 175 thousand sqm of office and mixed use space. It’s buildings were designed with care for the environment and allow for significant reduction of energy consumption costs. Such focus on ESG values makes Olivia Business Centre a great partner for the ABSL Welcome Cocktail, which will be held in the highest building of the office centre and northern Poland – Olivia Star.

Olivia Business Centre has been present on the map of Tri-City for almost a decade and has always focused on the comfort and integration of its residents. In 2013 the Olivia Synergy project was created. Its aim was to integrate employees through cultural or sporting events. The office centre also hosts a Career Accelerator program, which in the most recent 2 editions has helped over 200 young people improve their soft skills and employability, through workshops, one-on-ones with career advisers and also gave each participant the experience of organising a community initiative.

Healthy office

Olivia Business Centre was one of the first office centres in the world to implement the technology of air purification with ions in its buildings. It also has active titanium coatings on the hi-touch areas in its common areas that create surfaces free from pathogenic microorganisms. Thanks to volatile organic compounds and particulate matter sensors, it is possible to monitor the cleanliness of the air and, as a result, eliminate harmful compounds from the fresh air drawn in from the outside. The Olivia team also installed the highest grade air filters, and an air exchange intensity control systems to track current CO2 measurement results, which contributes to significant increase of comfort in the workplace.

Thanks to all these efforts Olivia Business Centre received WELL Health-Safety Certification in 2021 was the first office centre in the world to score maximum points - 25 out of 25 - in categories related to the safety of building users, as well as solutions improving the quality of working in the business centre, in the context of the ongoing pandemic.

Welcome Party Partner

Olivia Business Centre will host participants of ABSL Welcome Cocktail which will inaugurate the 11th ABSL Summit.

“We always choose partners of successive editions of ABSL Summit with great care and make sure that their values match the themes of our conferences. This year we focus on wellbeing and sustainability. I have no doubt that Olivia Business Centre is the perfect place to talk about these topics,” said Paweł Panczyj, Managing Director Strategy & Partnerships, ABSL.

Visit Olivia Business Centre website and its Facebook fanpage.