Interview with Marcin Krupa, Mayor of Katowice

Marcin Krupa, Mayor of Katowice


Katowice has been experiencing dynamic development for several years, especially in the area of new technologies. Could you explain how local activities change the city's image?


The unique atmosphere of the post-industrial city which has transformed into the city of knowledge makes us an increasingly attractive place for potential investors and employees. In addition, we have thriving business tourism, global conferences, fairs and events. All of these things create an atmosphere that favours the development of new investments and milestones, such as Katowice Gaming and Technology Hub.


Katowice Gaming and Technology Hub sounds like a timeless project. What will be its main goals and functions?


This is a one-of-a-kind project. We will build a modern innovation and technology centre on the premises of a closed mine, in the historical district of Katowice. We are experienced in revitalizing post-industrial areas and creating something new on the foundations of history and tradition. It's a very good combination. Our goal is to create a centre which will helpfoster a digital community and concentrate know-how, set new trends in development of competences and knowledge in gaming, artificial intelligence and digital technologies. The Hub will support startups, offer specialised services and create a platform for research and development. In short, it will become a place where innovation meets tradition while creating new opportunities for future generations.


What benefits will this investment bring to the local community and business?

The local community will have an opportunity to participate in the life of the Hub and become familiar with technologies. We will organise meetings, trainings and events related to our activities. For business, the Hub will be a platform for exchanging knowledge and experience between global companies, startups and SMEs that have chosen Katowice and the Metropolis. Exchange of potentials and experiences will contribute to the increase in innovation and competitiveness in the region whereas the investment will increase interest and attractiveness of Katowice as a place to live and work. We hope that it will attract specialists from Poland and abroad in the near future. Companies from the modern business services sector are eager to co-create the Hub's strategy, a sector whose development, also in the Metropolis, was supported by Marcin Nowak, then VP of ABSL and currently a vice-president of Katowice Gaming and Technology Hub.


Could you describe the individual segments of the Hub's activities?

1. Gaming / e-sports - a unique space for development and competition in e-sports, this will increase the efficiency of gaming sector companies and create opportunities to re-train employees with the help of gaming models.

2. **AI Knowledge Exchange** – exchange of knowledge about cutting-edge technologies, cooperation with universities, educational platforms, global technology companies and local innovators.

3. Digital Bridge - supporting the development of knowledge in the most desirable technological areas on the market, we will also focus on strengthening the impact of digital technology on business by means of cooperation between various sectors.

4. Network Accelerator - building and strengthening communities and platforms for the "Golden Triangle" (business-education-public administration), start-ups, research and development laboratories that will foster development of innovation and entrepreneurship.


What are the future plans for the development of the hub?

In the coming years, we plan to develop the infrastructure and expand the educational and research offer. We want Katowice Gaming and Technology Hub to become a central point on the technological map of Poland, as well as an important player in the international arena. Wehope to host international conferences and technology fairs that will attract experts from all over the world to Katowice. This way, we want our city to become a centre of innovation and technology that will inspire next generations to come up with modern solutions.


Thank you for the conversation. Would you like to add anything in conclusion?

I would like to mention that Katowice Gaming and Technology Hub is not only an infrastructural project, but also an idea that is supposed to change the way we perceive technology and innovation. I invite you to follow our progress and join us in creating the future of Katowice.