A draft proposal regulating remote work

The Ministry of Labour presented the first proposals to regulate remote working (praca zdalna). The analysis carried out by ABSL shows that it does not fully meet the challenges and needs of employers and employees. ABSL will take part in the further consultations on the draft.

The proposal involves changes such as:

  • Telework replaced with remote work
  • Remote work performed only with the consent of the employee. In special situations (e.g. during an epidemic), the employer may order it unilaterally, as long as the employee has the housing and technical conditions for its performance
  • Within 3 months from the conclusion of the remote work agreement, either party may request a return to stationary work. After this date, the employer may only order the return by the changing notice.
  • The employer must define detailed, remote work rules in consultation with trade unions, in regulations or in individual agreements with employees
  • The employer must provide the tools, cover the costs of their use and provide technical assistance (unless the parties agree otherwise).
  • The employee is entitled to a cash equivalent for using his own equipment.
  • The employer is not responsible for providing a safe workplace, the condition of the premises or ensuring hygiene and sanitary facilities.
  • The employee declares that his working station ensures safe working conditions.

The full document is available here (in Polish).