ABSL Strategic Board Members and their areas of responsibility

We are happy to inform you that during its first official meeting ABSL Strategic Board Members have assumed their new roles within the structure and will be responsible for the following areas:

  • Janusz Dziurzyński - President of the Strategic Board / Conferences & Events

  • Jacek Levernes - Co-Founder & Honorary President / Partnerships Development, ABSL International, PR & Communications

  • Piotr Dziwok - Honorary President / Advisory Board

  • Anna Berczyńska - Vice-President Talents

  • Agnieszka Belowska - Vice-President Digital and Technology

  • Agnieszka Orłowska - Vice-President ESG

  • Jolanta Jaworska - Vice-President Advocacy Public Affairs & Regulatory

  • Dariusz Kubacki - Vice-President Business Intelligence & Thought Leadership

  • Scott Newman - Vice-President BIFS

  • Peter Mitchell - Vice-President Kraków Region

  • Żaneta Leduchowska - Vice-President Łódź Region

  • Remigiusz Wojciechowski - Vice-President Tricity Region

  • Maciej Borkowski - Vice-President Wrocław Region

The Strategic Board has also entrusted Maciej Tomaszewski with the official role of Poznań Chapter Leader, and Stan Cieśla with the official role of the Silesia Region Chapter Leader.

The ABSL Strategic Board will soon announce who takes the role of Warsaw Chapter Leader.