ABSL protests against the Polish Deal

The Polish economy needs a positive impulse to set it on the path of long-term growth. Unfortunately, the proposals contained in the Polish Deal go in the opposite direction - they weaken the development potential and hinder building a knowledge-based economy.

Modern services sector is based on the availability of tech and IT specialists, which is one of the most important factors attracting direct investments to any country. The biggest challenge for business service sector entities operating in Poland is the shortage of employees on the market. This problem may be exacerbated in the case of highly qualified experts, IT specialists and engineers, who may relocate to neighboring countries, such as the Czech Republic.

If Poland wants to build a modern knowledge-based economy, we need to increase investment in both R&D and high tech, and encourage graduates to build their future careers in these professions. For now, it seems that the Polish Deal does not offer any solutions to these challenges whatsoever.

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