WEBINAR ABSL & Skanska: Reshaping the way we act to safeguard the environment. The "E" from ESG in practice

Dear ABSL Friends,

We would like to warmly invite you to join the third webinar from our series focused on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects, delivered in partnership with Skanska.

During the previous webinars we introduced you to these aspects (read the summary here) and took a deeper dive into the “S” part of ESG (use this link for to find out more). During the third webinar we will continue the deep dive but this time we will focus on the “E” part. Do not worry if you missed the previous webinars – we will make sure the third one is valuable for all participants, no matter if you did or did not join the to-date sessions!

Join us to learn from our speakers and share your knowledge about reshaping the way we act to safeguard the environment.

During the webinar, the participant will hear, among others, about:

  • What does “E” is ESG stand for in practical terms?
  • What some of the world’s strongest brands are doing to as part of their climate action?


  • Host: Veronika Themerson, Center of Excellence Director, Environmental at Skanska office unit in CEE
  • Guest speakers:
    • Mariusz Wawer, Governmental Relations & ESG Head for all 3M entities in Poland and Central Europe
    • Wiktoria Płocha, Sustainability Business Partner at IKEA Retail Poland
    • Joanna Molik, Senior Industry Digital Strategist, Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft

As climate change and its aftereffects are experienced by more and more people and business around the world, customers, employees, local communities, regulators and other stakeholders expect that corporates act responsibly by reducing carbon footprint in their operations and value chains. Skanska, 3M, IKEA and Microsoft are among those who respond to these expectations. Join us to get to know examples of climate actions, from small steps to big initiatives, taken by these brands and get inspired!

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