Webinar: Remote work – the most frequent problems-from legal perspective

We sincerely invite you to attend the webinar entitled “Remote work – the most frequent problems” which will take place on 24 September 2020 in cooperation with Linklaters.

The lawyers speaking will be Monika Krzyszkowska-Dąbrowska and Łukasz Burakowski from the Employment Practice of the Linklaters Warsaw office.
The webinar is aimed at discussing the selected legal aspects of remote work, conducting an interactive discussion based on the specific cases, exchanging ideas and best practices.

The issues to be discussed:

  1. Remote work connected with COVID-19 prevention, tele-work and home office: legal framework.
  2. Remote work connected with COVID-19 prevention. How should it be introduced and when? What are the limitations?
  3. The most frequent problems: a. Should the employer issue remote work regulations? How to order remote work? Which documents are necessary and which are recommended? b. Can an employee refuse to work remotely? What are the problems mentioned by the employees? c. What has to be provided by the employer to the employees working at home? Is it secure to authorise the employees to use their own equipment? Is it necessary to refund expenses or pay additional benefits to the employees working at home? d. How to maintain contact with the employees working at home? Can an employee working at home be bound to switch on a camera after working hours? e. What are the measures which can be taken by the employer against the employees who perform their work improperly? f. Remote work, work time and overtime. g. Health and safety at work, accidents during remote work. h. Can an employee working remotely be asked to come to the office? i. What should be considered when resigning from remote work?
  4. Risks and benefits of remote work.

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