How to optimise cooperation with IT suppliers?

How to optimise cooperation with IT suppliers?

How to optimise cooperation with IT suppliers?

At the time of COVID-19, business is looking for savings in every area. On the other hand, it is commonly believed that the IT field is a field where we should invest in. We can’t keep up with the competition without technological development.

How to balance savings with investments? Is now a good time for technological step forward?

To answer the questions above, SSW experts will disccuss the following issues:

· Savings in IT contracts- how to stop paying for something you don’t use?

· Suspending ongoing projects- how to delay implementation or exit from the project, avoiding a dispute with a supplier? Can you cite on force majeure?

· IT spending- how to buy quickly and spend wisely?

o Contracting- how to ensure cost flexibility in IT contracts? How to approach force majeure in the future? How to ensure downwards scalability? What to negotiate- contratual penalty or the right to exit from the project?

· What to invest in?

o Current trends (including prediction, cloud, generational exchange of SAP systems, Magento)


· As a buyer, participating in a webinar you will find out how to comprehensively approach optimization of IT expenses and how to buy IT effectively at these times.

· As a supplier, you will learn where your clients can look for cost optimization, and how their expectations can change. It will allow you to better customize your offer.

Speaker: Szymon Ciach : Attorney at Law, Associate in SSW Pragmatic Solutions

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