ABSL Ordinary General Assembly Meeting 2024

The main objective of the Meeting is to present and approve last year’s financial results and provide you with a summary of the key initiatives and projects in the first half of 2024 and plans for the second half of the year.

You can find general information about the roles and responsibilities of the General Assembly HERE.


20th June 2024 at 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM


  1. Presentation of FY 2023 summary and 2024 Outlook and Q&A session.
  2. Presentation of auditor report for FY 2023.
  3. Approval of the joint report of the Strategic Board and the Management Board for FY 2023.
  4. Approval of the Audit Committee's report for FY 2023.
  5. Approval of the financial statements for FY 2023.
  6. Decision on profit allocation.
  7. Acknowledgement of the Association's authorities’ duties in FY 2023.
  8. Motions from the floor.


This year Meeting will be held on-line. Follow the General Assembly meeting LIVE on 20th June 2024 at 3:00 PM

Meeting materials

All supporting materials for the meeting (including the financial statement for FY 2023) will be available from 6st June, 2024 HERE 

Meeting summaries and formal General Assembly meeting minutes will be available after the meeting HERE 


Attendance and voting 

Each Member company is entitled to attend the Meeting and has one vote at the Meeting. A Member company shall be represented by the authorized representative(s). Please note that only registered Member company will be entitled to vote during the Meeting as only successfully registered Member company’s representative will be provided with a link to dedicated on-line voting card active during the Meeting. REGISTER HERE 

If the Member company decides to attend the Meeting without exercising its voting right it can follow the Meeting live – please see Webcast.

E-mail voting option before the Meeting

ABSL Statute gives each Member a right to place his vote by e-mail (in case you will not be present at the Meeting). If you wish to do so please REGISTER HERE before 15th June, 2024. As the Meeting approaches we will sent to email provided by Member company a voting card and instructions. Email votes may be sent to general.assembly@absl.pl no later than midnight (00:00) of the day preceding the General Assembly meeting.

More info

For any questions around the Meeting please contact general.assembly@absl.pl