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Dear ABSL Members,

In 2019 we will celebrate our tenth anniversary. During this time we have grown from a small organisation set up by a dozen or so companies into a dynamic association of more than 200 firms. Today ABSL is a well-recognised organisation, with an impressive presence both in Poland and abroad.

In response to your expectations and the growth of the business services sector, the scale of our operations has expanded significantly over the last few years. ABSL now operates through 8 local Chapters, we organise tens of meetings, workshops and webinars each year and we host Poland’s largest conference for the sector which each year attracts more than 1,000 guests from the business, economy, media and political circles. To ensure the best conditions for continued development of the sector, we also engage actively in legal and regulatory matters, both at the central and local level. We have developed our analytical capabilities and we are proud to say that today our reports are considered one of the most valuable sources of information about the sector, used not only by our members but also by local government authorities, journalists and potential investors. We undertake actions important for the development of the talent pool and for the education of current and potential employees of modern services centres and we have created a community which serves as unique platform for sharing experiences and networking.

Such a scale of activity, whilst still maintaining the highest quality and standards, involves having to bear increasingly high expenditure. For a non-profit organisation such as ABSL, to have a predictable and secure financial structure is one of primary goals. The existing formula, which based to a large extent on external sources of financing (75% sponsors’ funds and 25% membership fees), has become an obstacle for pursuing ABSL’s initiatives ‒ both restricting our influence on the substance of our initiatives and imposing a number of obligations on our organisation. Hence, we have decided now to better balance our external and internal sources of financing. 

That is why, having analysed the Association’s financial situation, considering our recent activities and our plans for the next few years, we have decided to raise our membership fee to PLN 15,000 per year, effective from 1 January 2019.

The above change will provide us with greater independence and freedom to take initiatives and ensure we that take the right steps to meet our members’ expectations and needs. In the face of the ever changing legal and regulatory landscape, our top priority is to strengthen our activity in that area, to be able to better address and secure the sector’s interests and, in so doing, the interests of all ABSL member firms. The extra funds will also help us make a number of administrative and communication improvements, which will translate into higher quality of services and closer cooperation within the ABSL community.  

We hope you will understand the above decision and will continue to ensure we support you, and help us develop the modern business services sector.

We will arrange a series of meetings with individual Chapters and a nation-wide webinar during which we will answer all questions and any doubts you might have in connection with the proposed change. We will send you invitations to those events separately.

In case you would like to ask any questions prior to the above meetings, you can contact Paweł Panczyj or Marcelina Godlewska who will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information. 

With best regards,

Piotr Dziwok
President of ABSL


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