ABSL Partner’s Material: Workspace Insight. Power of benchmarking.

Workspace Insight. Power of benchmarking.

Choosing a new location for an office brings many challenges and strategic questions regarding the company’s future. To choose the space matching their expectations the employers have to predict their future needs and search for offices that would meet their requirements not only at the moment but also in three or five years. Arranging a new space requires consideration of many aspects, because every mistake in estimation may have severe financial consequences.

All changes related to the relocation of the main office, change of arrangement, reconstruction or expansion of the office area require a lot of work and attention. In the case of relocation, it takes a lot of time to find a properly situated office with sufficient space. Another challenge is to predict how our company will look in a few years, to fully make use of the rented space. Knowing the problems that companies are facing, Tétris team decided to meet the needs of the market and create the Workspace Insight tool. It collects data from projects delivered by Tétris not only in Poland, but also in 15 other countries where Tetris has its branches. This tool is constantly updated and supplemented with new projects, so the information gathered in Tetris Insight is not getting old. It gives companies a reliable look at the genuine data of developed spaces, delivered for similar companies in the same business line.

Workspace Insight allows to compare office spaces in Poland, or other countries, creating a benchmark, thanks to which investors, architects and business owners can get information regarding i.e. usage of office space or the size of the occupied spaces depending on the selected criteria. One of the many advantages of this tool is that each report is prepared individually for a specific client. Due to Tétris delivering projects for market leaders from many industries, the database is exceptionally wide. It gives the user a way to choose the best solutions for any given project parameters.

The main role of benchmark is to determine the space parameters to meet the requirements of the tenant, regarding the cubature, space planning and potential to increase the number of employees without the necessity of a thorough refurbishment or re-relocation. This means that by looking at the numerical data of the area regarding the chosen business sector, we obtain an average number of square meters of different types of space per one employee. The analysis is made based on available data and requirements provided by the company.

Workspace Insight is particularly useful at the first stage of the company’s meetings with designer and contractor. It is obvious that different companies have different needs. Law firms, where employees spend a significant amount of time outside the headquarters need a space for documentation and elegant meeting rooms. Whereas, IT and technology companies where preferred work model is stationary need creative spaces for relaxation, modern design, non-standard solutions and social facilities like e.g. spacious kitchens that offer enough space for making meals.

To explain the working of the Workspace Insight we shall use an example of a growing law firm that is looking for a new location with hot desking in the form of standard desks, offices, meeting rooms and places to focus. Into the Tétris tool’s control panel, we simply enter the data on the number of employees and then select the business sector. As a result, we receive a report containing data based on delivered projects for law firms arranged in the past few years. We can narrow the scale of comparison to Poland or see how such interiors are created in various European countries.

In the report client receives information on how many square meters of space, divided into many different types, should be provided for each employee. The data show the percentage ratio of size of such areas as: kitchens, toilets, showers, IT rooms, communication routes, conference rooms, various types of workspaces and many more. The customer can also ask for a personalized report, which is the most valuable. It is a statistic made of data provided by the client, based on his own offices in the country or in the world.

Benchmark is very helpful for companies that have several offices in different locations, in the process of moving the office to one building. The new space will not be the sum of the rooms of all smaller offices, but a completely new area corresponding to the needs of the company. Workspace Insight has an indicator that shows if the office gives you the potential to hire more employees. Thanks to the analysis of this indicator, the customer can get information on whether the number of workplaces is sufficient and if the company is focused on remote work, and employees do not have to stay in the office all the time.

“Statistical data cannot replace interviews among company’s employees about their needs. This survey will allow you to find out how much space should be planned for one employee, how many sqm open spaces and offices you need, how many meeting rooms will be optimal.”- says Danuta Barańska, Creative Director at Tétris.

Workspace Insight is becoming a leading tool and plays an important role in the process of arranging the company’s headquarters. Its strength is the global experience of Tétris in cooperation with market leaders in individual business sectors. With its help, we can find answers to questions related to the advantages offered by an office space much faster, thanks to which we not only save our client’s time, but also money.