Invitation for the conference “The Power of International Teams”

If you work in an international environment, and cross-cultural cooperation is not only your daily challenge but also a pleasure – this conference is exactly for you. “The Power of International Teams” is aimed at people who expect professional and proven knowledge from cross-cultural experts. Nowadays, best practices in an intercultural team and cooperation with international clients are the key factors in growing business. You will raise your competencies by taking part in the most interesting workshops run during specialized thematic paths (agenda is available on the website: www.internationalteams.eu).
The content of the second edition of the conference is unique. The invited experts are practitioners, cross-cultural consultants, managers, and business practitioners who know how to deliver knowledge in a practical way in order to enable you to implement changes in your team or organization even the very next day.

Please feel welcome to join the conference “The Power of International Teams” – and bring your colleagues with you!
The conference will take place on November 10th , 2017 in Wrocław


Signe up here: http://www.internationalteams.eu

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for the conference and accompanying events (promo code: ABSL2017)


This year there are two other events accompanying the conference:

– Pre-conference workshops – November 9th , 2017 – We have prepared all-day development workshops in three diverse  thematic  pathways for specific areas:

  1. Working Successfully Across Cultures.
  2. Managing Ukrainians.
  3. Managing Millenials (generation Y).

– Networking dinner – November 9th , 2017 – it’s a great opportunity for you to establish valuable relationships with speakers, experts, other conference participants in a pleasant atmosphere of an evening drink and snacks. We invite you to formal and informal talks, exchange experiences and intercultural stories in the evening before the conference.


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See you there!
The conference team
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