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Labor Market

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Randstad experts are following the latest trends on the Polish labor market and each of the major cities in Poland. Every year, Randstad performs the world’s largest employer branding surveys – Randstad Award, which gives valuable insights to help companies develop their brand. 

TOP 5 most attractive values for employees in Poland in 2016 (source: Randstad Award) 

The labor market is focused on candidate, because of the good macroeconomic conditions and visible development investments in Poland. Randstad analyzes what values are the most important for employees and what are the factors that make an employer attractive to the best talents.

According to the Randstad Award surveys, salaries and employee benefits in Poland are the priority for job seekers. In the six-year history of the research this value was considered several times as the most important factor in choosing an employer. The salary level and job security are the two most important values for employees, both when they have to choose five most desirable attributes, and when they select only one factor. In the latter case the importance of a stable situation of an employer and interesting job content increase and friendly atmosphere becomes less important value.



Report: “Advanced Business Services Sector as a Workplace”


Follow the latest trends on the labor market – the researches results, expertises and analyzes.


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Randstad Sourceright: Talent Trends report is an overview of the top 10 trends we see in the HR, recruitment and talent management market space for the coming 12 months.

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