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ABSL Gala 2019

December 5th, 2019 Marriott Hotel, Warsaw

ABSL Gala is behind us! Congratulations to all who were distinguished during our Recognition Ceremony. Meet our leaders! → ABSL Gala 2019

See pictures from ABSL Gala 2019! → GALLERY

The second edition of C-level get together to recognize the ABSL Community, Partners and key Stakeholders for their valuable input to the business services sector development over the last 24 months.

Once again ABSL intends to appreciate all those who support the sector and actively contribute to its dynamic growth, thus promoting the sector as the meaningful economy branch, demonstrating its power, integrity and achievements. It will be also an opportunity to announce the newly elected ABSL Strategic Board and Audit Committee.

Excellent networking opportunity to meet, celebrate and exchange experiences and ideas.


Gala Programme (Gala in English language )

19.00 – 19.30      Welcome Cocktail and Guests Registration

19.30 – 20.30      Gala – Part I (Recognition Ceremony) 

20:30 – 21:15      GALA DINNER

21.15 – 22:10      Gala – Part II

                              ·       Recognition Ceremony Part II

                              ·       Presentation of newly elected members of ABSL Strategic Board

22:20 – 01:00      AFTERPARTY


The Gala Dinner will be combined with recognition Ceremony in 10 categories:

  1. City Leaders supporting sector
    Local governments significantly contributing to the Business Services Sector development and creating friendly business environments.
  2. Public Administration Leaders supporting sector
    Public organizations supporting ABSL and the Business Services Sector in making Poland a top destination for the sector companies.
  3. Business Leaders supporting sector
    Business organizations contributing to the business services sector development.
  4. Media Leaders supporting sector
    Media outlet promoting and facilitating more transparent and efficient market.
  5. Diversity and Inclusion Leaders
    Organizations raising awareness of equality and diversity issues and fostering the environment that celebrates differences.
  6. Talent Leaders
    Organizations stimulating growth and promotion of new talents for the current and future pace of the sector.
  7. Social Impact Leaders
    Organizations striving for inclusive and sustainable economy growth and special attention to environmental and social impacts.
  8. Start-ups and Technology Leaders
    Organizations accelerating digital transformation, innovation and bringing Poland to the forefront of global innovation.
  9. Education Leaders
    Educational institutions cooperating with Business Services Sector to provide best in class education programs, enabling its further growth.
  10. Sector Influencer
    Special recognition for a strong, inspiring, forward-thinking impactful individual influencing our industry.



ABSL will have an honor to invite and host Heads of all member-companies, strategic partners, Polish top 12 City Mayors, State Administration Officers, distinguished personalities and media.

This year we have also the additional pool of paid tickets. The cost of the ticket is 1000 PLN (+23%VAT) for ABSL member companies and 1500 PLN (+23%VAT) for non- ABSL companies.

Please note that the number of paid tickets is limited so get your ticket as early as possible.





Main Partner




Afterparty Partner



ABSL Gala 2017

The Gala gathered almost 250 honourable guests, there were 32 organization recognized and 7 sponsors partnering the event.




For more information regarding the Gala, please contact us.