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HR Club

HR Club mission is to drive thought leadership in HR practices that will help our firms and the sector to grow further, and Poland to become the first choice location for BPO/SSC operations. We are active in the folloiwng areas:

Leadership. Preparing managers to become the types of leaders the sector will require. Working with strategic partners to assess the readiness of our managers to lead in an ever changing work environment and then create/deliver a learning curriculum to help prepare them to lead effectively.

The Future of Work. Identifying and building skills required for our workforce of the future. Utilizing analytics and expertise from strategic partners, tactical engagements and member companies to determine the key skills for the workforce of the future in the sector and how to build them in Poland.

Inclusiveness. Maximizing the benefits of an inclusive and diverse workplace. Targeting select activities and partners which will highlight the sector’s employee value proposition as a workplace that values diversity and creates opportunities for diverse workers.

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