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Our initiatives

ABSL initiates numerous activities, aiming to draw attention to Poland as a country open for foreign investors. Here you can find a portfolio of our projects. Being a member of ABSL, you can benefit from engaging in all of them.

ABSL Annual Conference

ABSL Annual Conference is the most awaited business services sector event in the CEE region. Since 2010, our Conference is a unique knowledge sharing and networking platform for sector professionals. From its first edition, our aim was to create an event that gives opportunity to interact and share ideas among key influencers from the world of business and politics, and to discuss latest megatrends within the industry and beyond.

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ABSL Gala 2019

The ABSL Gala is a unique event, created to gather those with the most merit towards the development of the business services sector in Poland.

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ABSL Diamonds

The prize given to promote innovative, cutting-edge solutions and initiatives that push the whole sector into new and exciting directions. We want to inspire the companies from the sector to constantly move forward and reach higher. We want you to be motivated at all times.

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ABSL Clubs

Clubs’ mission is to build communities where different companies are united by the vision of creating a diverse, stimulating and collaborative environment. Three main areas of sector growth concentrate on HR, IT and BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance). Each …

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ABSL International

ABSL is active beyond Poland with 2 sister associations in Czech Republic and Romania. The joint objectives of the Association are: Giving the business services industry a common voice to help shape its environment and destiny. Collaborating with the local and …

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Start-Up Challenge

Behind the idea of the Start-Up Challenge stands the notion that corporations and start-ups can help each other in numerous ways and live in a symbiotic relationship. In exchange for the stability, management culture and deep know-how, the international companies …

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Sector branding

ABSL's mission is to build the sector's recognition on the national level. At the same time, through major international media outlets, it draws attention to Poland as one of the most mature global destinations for the sector's investment. The business …

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