Hiring foreigners in Poland – meeting at the Ministry of Development

On 19th of December, we met with the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Economic Development Mr. Mariusz Haladyj. The meeting was organized by the Economic Regulations Improvement Team.

We discussed the issue of hiring foreigners in Poland, we prepared and presented to the Minister our position paper. Especially we stressed current legal and administrative barriers, such as: long duration for the job permission – around 6-9 months, late verification of the applications correctness – usually after 4 months, inconvenient obligation to pass the full recruitment procedure when the employer offers to the foreigner employee another position in the same company, inefficient electronic system (an obligation to file some of the documents personally), fictitious labour market tests requirement.

As a result of the meeting, we were asked by the Minister to present concrete proposals of the legal and administrative solutions, which could help to improve and advance the procedure to obtain a work permissions, especially when it comes to the highly qualified employees.

We are currently working on preparing ABSL common position in this regard and we expect receiving feedback and information from ABSL members regarding proposals or examples from other countries like the Czech Republic or Hungary. We are looking for suggestions and opinions in:

  • Technical and/or legal aspects (organizational as well),
  • The existing legislation on a paper and clerical bureaucracy in practice,
  • Examples of other countries or job specializations which would be put on the current list of countries and job specializations entitled to a simplified procedure.

We would like to send our proposals to the Minister as soon as possible.