Peter Mitchell, ABB

Peter Mitchell, ABB

Vice-President Kraków Region

•   ABB BS Services  Vice President of the Board (2018)

•   ASPIRE board member (2019)

•   Cracow University of Economics (CUE) “GBS Studies” program founding member and future lecturer on GBS topics (2020)

Peter Mitchell joined ABB in 2007 and handled various positions in Finance department including managing the Shared AccountingServices Center in The Benelux. Since 2012, he has held a role at ABB Group within the GBS Finance Lead Center as Global FinanceProcess Owner Record to Report. Since 2019 - ABB Poland, GBS Krakow Head’s Hub and Head of GBS Finance Operational Services in Krakow and Tallinn.

When ABB chose to open the GBS in Kraków, Poland, back in 2014-2015, Peter supported a big transformation of the company and was involved in the ABB’s GBS creation project heavily, as one of the leaders within Finance organization. He had a transformational role and his input has been instrumental in setting up ABB GBS, specifically in Krakow as one of 5 global locations for ABB.

Second to that, a big project where Peter was instrumental in, was the Power Grid Separation to Hitachi – in July 2020, during the pandemic period, when the organization was operating fully remotely. ABB Group divested approx. 35,000 employees to Hitachi. That was a big transformation that impacted quite a number of people and one of the biggest people changes that he has ever experienced.


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