ABSL Start-Up Challenge is Poland’s biggest contest for innovators and start-ups, offering solutions for business services.

Business services is the fastest-growing sector in Poland, and is constantly looking for innovations. During the previous three editions, almost 200 start-ups had the opportunity to present their products and services to both Polish and international corporations.  

Our goal is to identify and select start-ups that are ready to establish commercial cooperation with ABSL Start-Up Challenge partners and ABSL members. 

Start-ups participating in the contest can enjoy direct access to the leaders of the Polish business services market, will have an opportunity for visibility at one of the most unique conferences in Poland - and above all, a real chance to build value for their company based on joint ventures. 

For more information regarding ABSL Start-Up Challenge, please contact:

Łukasz Czajkowski


Łukasz Czajkowski

Regional Operations Director

Recap of the 2019 edition's Finale 

2019 edition of ABSL Start-Up Challenge saw 101 applications from all over the world. The competition was tough and choosing the final 6 was no easy task. 

Together with our Partners, we managed to select the absolute best of the best, who presented their incredible ideas at the main stage of ABSL Summit in Warsaw in front of 1500 participants of the event. See the recap of the finale and meet our finalists: - The winner of the ABSL Start-Up Challenge. is a credit cloud powered by financial service-as-a-code architecture. This start-up proposed a new type of employee benefits, based on fintech tools improving financial liquidity. The company provides a salary finance solution that can make everyday a pay day to increase employee retention, productivity and satisfaction for corporations. 

Smabbler - utilizing new IT technologies to automate document analysis. They develop a general-purpose single system that uses human language abilities to fully automate workflow involving complex and unstructured text. 

Simporter - uses artificial intelligence and a wide range of market data to support sales processes. The company predicts future product sales for both eCommerce and bricks-and-mortar suppliers by combining both retail and social media data with AI. - up increases the effectiveness of communication between companies and clients by including learning algorithms and artificial intelligence in the process.'s proprietary deep learning technology enables customer service automation in all languages. 

Venturai - significantly increase the effectiveness of outdoor ad campaigns basing on artificial intelligence and image analysis. 

Multilesson - revolutionizing the approach of companies towards helping their employees learn foreign languages in a flexible way. Multilesson offers a monthly subscription for any chosen language, which the employee will be able to learn at the time they choose. 

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