Mercer is a global leader in HR consulting services, specifically in compensation and employee benefits

Mercer is a global leader in HR consulting services, specifically in compensation and employee benefits and the ABSL partner supporting ABSL Association and its members, among others in these two areas. Having the largest and the most reliable salary base for companies in the shared services sector (over 100 entities from this industry only), our flagship annual compensation and benefits survey – TRS (Total Remuneration Survey) and professional experience and knowledge allow us to effectively advise SSC and BPO companies in the field of (among others): job valuation, compensation system design and analysis of the compensation levels and structure. We constantly trying to increase the number of companies participating in our TRS survey to be able to provide our clients with the most accurate and reliable information regarding compensations, planned pay increase etc., both from the perspective of Poland (and comparisons to other countries) as well as individual cities or regions within the country.

Mercer is also a market leader in the area of employee benefits. We are one of the 3 largest insurance brokerage companies in the field of risk benefits, personal insurance and medical care and the largest advisor in DC pension advisory services. In this respect, we have experience in working with over 300 companies for whom we provide regular brokerage services. At the same time, we have helped over 100 employers to organize pension benefits. In the latter area, we advised not only employers in Poland, but we also had the opportunity to work for public institutions, ZUS - the Social Insurance Institution, the Polish government and business organizations.

Mercer is part of the MMC Group, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Mercer employs over 21,000 employees in over 170 countries around the world. In the Polish office, Mercer employs a total of 650 people, 50 consultants and insurance brokers and 600 employees in the Operational Center located in Warsaw, dealing with business processes support for companies from the MMC Group globally. Mercer Operational Center in Warsaw was awarded the "European Shared Service of the Year 2016" award by the Global Sourcing Association.

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