GoodHabitz is a European leader in online training solutions. Since 2011 and across 14 countries, we have provided multiple learning tools for over 2 million students across Europe. Our mission is to create an authentic learning culture and continuous personal development of employees at every level of each organization. We use unique methodology and in-house developed tools to make personal development a "good habit." That is why we have been trusted by over 2,200 global brands from various market sectors, such as SSC / BPO, banking, consulting, IT, retail, production, and many others.

We believe that the integrated personal development of employees is the fuel for the growth of companies. Our training courses are available to everyone in 14 languages and focus on developing soft and hard skills, such as management and teamwork, productivity, sales, communication, language, and digital skills.

GoodHabitz provides more than 25 learning methods, from inspiring documentaries, engaging magazines, case studies, interviews with leading experts, and practical assignments. All of our courses are created in-house by a didactic team and a production studio, thanks to which the product itself is consistent and tailored to the individual needs of each student. On top of it, all of our clients can count on the support of a dedicated coach who analyzes internal training needs and creates a customized implementation strategy.

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