We begin a #WorkingTogether month!

Get ready! #WorkingTogether Month ahead!.png

Dear Members of ABSL,

As September waves us goodbye and October opens its gates to us, it is finally time to start our #WorkingTogether 2020 month!

We are extremely excited for the upcoming weeks and for every activity that we are planning. We are foreseeing a fruitful month where diversity and inclusion will be celebrated in many different ways, and the activities will only be able to come to life thanks to your participation and engagement. We are counting on you, let’s begin the month with a colorful start filled with contagious energies and wide smiles.

How are we starting everything? With a contest!

We are organizing the Tagline competition and we need your help with creating a catchy tagline for this year’s edition. You must be wondering how you can be part of it? Easy! Your company will organize an initiative where you will be able to share your creative propositions, so work together with us, show your spirit and display what we stand for through your own unique creative thinking.


Submissions are considered until the 7th of October.


Please send your proposals to: working.together@absl.pl


The ABSL team will choose the best slogan, which will become the official tagline of the #WorkingTogether2020 edition.

Your voice can have an impact, share it and show us what you got in that creative mind!

There is More.. Obviously!

This is just the beginning, prepare yourself for even more activities where you will have the chance to gain more insight on diversity and inclusion, starting off with our first podcast in the next week, as well as an exciting frame on the way which will allow us to display our #WorkingTogether through our colorful smiles and diverse faces. We are not going to let the online mode stop us from celebrating our differences,

Stay tuned for updates and keep your energy levels high!

See the rest of our planned activities!

The ABSL Team