Use the Human Cloud to Access & Share Tech Resources

Join the Private Human Cloud that ABSL is building together with Talent Alpha. The Platform will bring together ABSL members that will share Talent with one another in a closed syndicate. You will be able to easily access, share and measure Tech Talent in cooperation with other companies. It will also give you access to on-demand resources from 230+ small and medium-sized IT companies in CEE.


According to SSON, 78% of companies are currently adopting Future of Work strategies as part of their business models (see: 1). Everest Group points out that the BPO/SSC sector is constantly looking for optimization especially in the areas of sourcing work, talent portfolios and processes (see: 2).

Talent Alpha’s own research shows that at any given time, 10-30% of business service providers’ available workforce is unutilized. This available capacity could potentially be shared, on a project-by-project basis, with other companies.

At the same time, outsourcing players are still experiencing a huge tech talent gap and are constantly on the lookout for the best available IT Talent. Everest Group states that COVID-19 will not ease this shortage in any way (see: 3). In fact, outsourcing companies now need to be even more agile, effective, and ready for new projects without increasing their costs. The Human Cloud is proving to be a trusted resource for many innovative companies, especially in the US, to help them solve this conundrum.

ABSL, together with Talent Alpha, is setting up a pilot project to connect companies and create a Human Cloud. The goal is to establish a secure environment to share surplus resources and secure both agile and on-demand Talent for IT projects. Talent Alpha will provide the technology for the project. The company’s award-winning Human Cloud Platform has a proven track record with major business services sector clients. Along with the syndicate framework technology, Talent Alpha is also giving participating members access to the IT Talent from +230 European Software Houses already on the platform – a total talent pool of over 13,000 IT Specialists. What is more, participating ABSL companies will also be able to use Skill Mapping and Psychometric Tools provided by the Talent Alpha Platform for measuring and indexing IT Talent both in-house and outside of your organization.

To learn more about the Human Cloud and how it can make a real difference to your business operations, sign up for our upcoming Webinar on September 2nd at 3 PM CET.