Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met with representatives of the Enterprise Council.

Taxes, quality and efficiency of economic management as well as support for entrepreneurship were the main topics discussed on 23rd April at the meeting of Prime Minister and leaders of nine largest organizations representing entrepreneurs. It was the first meeting in the upcoming series of meetings with Enterprise Council aimed at developing solutions to strengthen the resilience of Polish economy. 

Enterprise Council submitted to Prime Minister proposals for solutions including measures reducing economic vulnerability and sensitivity to shocks and increasing the system's adaptability. Other topics discussed during the meeting were related to i.a institutional and regulatory arrangements and measures mitigating the results of potential threats. 

"Today's meeting is a major step towards developing solutions between business and government. We hope that every other meeting will bring us closer to achieving this goal. Building the resilience of the Polish economy is a shared priority. According to entrepreneurs, however, it is key to increase legal predictability, introduce, introduce system solutions that accelerate technological development, including digitization and cybersecurity, and make the labor market more flexible." - says Jacek Levernes, Honorary President of ABSL.

"Recovery, enhancement and resilience of the Polish economy are values that we are all committed to" - says Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.