Join 30 ABSL member companies offering jobs to the Ukrainian community!

The ABSL for Ukraine platform was created for employers seeking information on how to employ refugees from Ukraine as well as potential employees who can now browse job advertisements from among offers of 30 ABSL member companies. 

According to the Border Guard, between February 24th and the beginning of April, nearly 2.5 million refugees from Ukraine crossed the Polish border. Experts estimate that one million of them may decide to stay in our country. Already now, some refugees are trying to find employment in Poland, often looking for jobs below their qualifications. ABSL for Ukraine is a platform that serves as a search engine for job and internship offers from companies in the modern business services sector. We believe that thanks to it, many Ukrainian citizens will be able to start a satisfying career path in our country - often identical or close to the one they had to leave behind in their homeland. 

The power of community 

ABSL for Ukraine is the result of the ABSL community working together. Thanks to the involvement of our member companies, the initiative's website offers job openings from 30 organizations. Support was also provided by our Partner CRIDO whose materials on refugee employment in Poland can also be found on the ABSL for Ukraine website. But there is more to come. The initiative is joined by other companies, whose offers regularly appear on the website.  

Cooperation with universities and city halls 

ABSL has also entered into cooperation with Polish universities and municipal job agencies. The partnership with as many as 28 universities in Poland will allow us to reach the community of Ukrainian students, who have lost financial support from their families due to the war. Thanks to the cooperation, municipal labor offices in the largest Polish cities (Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Katowice, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot), which help refugees in finding employment, inform them about the possibility of using the offer of ABSL for Ukraine. 

More information about the initiative as well as details for job seekers and organizations that offer jobs can be found at