LGBT+ Diamonds Forum on June 22 to celebrate Pride Month

Building on the success on the last year's LGBT+ Diamonds Awards initiative and Open For Business Summit conference starting from 2023 ABSL, Open for Business and NatWest join forces to add a new, unique event to the calendar of events dedicated to LGBT+ and work together for our community in Poland: LGBT+ Diamonds Forum on June 22.

Recent years have seen not only the development of the business community and non-governmental organizations focused around the challenges and successes of the LGBT+ community in the country, but also a period of significant social changes. Polish companies declare that their involvement in building open, inclusive workplaces is growing. However, there are still many challenges ahead of us. 

Panelists of the LGBT+ Diamonds Forum will talk about the economic harmfulness of discrimination, look at the best business practices in the field of DEI policies and learn the perspective of Polish local governments and non-governmental organizations.

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