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Dear ABSL Members,

It has already been a year since the last time we did work together. As you may have already noticed, it is that time of the year again to come together once more and celebrate diversity and inclusion.

About the Campaign & Last Year

Last year 10 000 employees from over 70 companies in 10 locations took part in ABSL campaign #WorkingTogether2019, celebrating cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace with unbelievable energy and spirit, two aspects that the whole campaign would not have been possible without!

We are excited and proud to announce that we will be #WorkingTogether2020!

What's different this year?

The year 2020 is like nothing we have seen before, it challenged society, values, structures, institutions and businesses all around the world in every possible aspect.

We would like to tackle all the aspects which make us unique with a strong emphasis on what is a truly inclusive workplace.

Due to the pandemic reality, we are obliged to go online with all - or at least most - of our actions this year.

Key Activities

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Activities for you and your teams

This year, we have announced October as the month of Working Together and prepared plenty of online activities that you and your team can do to promote diversity and inclusion! Feel free to read through TOP 5 easy to organize actions (also while your company is still working remotely) Take a look at the presentation in which all ideas are described in great detail.

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Last but not least, the highlight of this year's edition is our joint Declaration of Diversity.

We will encourage you to actively engage in shaping statement and promote with your employees and external world.

Share with us your results from actions which you decided to do with your employees.
We are waiting for them! Post your social media activities with a hashtag:

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Join us!

Joining us is simple, and it brings several benefits to your company, such as making you an educator and promoter of the best practices and standards of an inclusive workplace.

If your company wishes to engage more in the project, please contact Marcelina Godlewska (, or

Want to become the sponsor or #WorkingTogether2020? See the SPONSOR PACKAGES or contact us at

Let's join forces and make a real impact.

The ABSL Team