Join the second official ABSL tech lab Demo Day!

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P&G Demo Day - "It all starts with Consmer Focus" will be the second, official ABSL tech lab event presenting companies' solutions as a response to challenges set by our ABSL Member and ABSL tech lab Partner - Procter & Gamble.

How can you best meet the new needs of customers? What does consumer centricity mean in today's world and market?

Together with our panelists, participants and our audience we will try to provide the answers to the above and other questions, arising in relation to the topic of communication with customers in these new, quite disruptive times.

  • Listen to the inspiring speech delivered by Małgorzata Szturmowicz, Global CFO, Booksy
  • Observe and engage in the panel discussion on using the final-customer most current needs to adjust the product/service offering
  • Follow bright ideas and innovative solutions to get inspired for your own business
  • Participate at the demo session of young technology companies responding to the challenges set by ABSL tech lab Partner – Procter & Gamble

Join us on 14th October, 10:00 CET!