Implementing the idea of Diversity & Inclusion in organizations

Companies talk about Diversity & Inclusion loudly and boldly. International investors as well as an increasing number of Polish companies declare to act in the spirit of diversity & inclusion. Employees from different backgrounds give different perspectives, which fosters creative ideas and effective solutions. Companies that support diversity are not only friendly, interesting working environments, but also organisations with better financial performance.

However, as Rafał Dembe says, diversity and inclusivity cannot be introduced in a company top-down - simply by email or decree. So why support this area, which initiatives to choose and how to turn ideas and values into action? What are the consequences of the lack of a D&I strategy for the company? And what are the expectations of employees, for whom an inclusive organisational culture may be a decisive factor when choosing an employer? In the ABSL Studio, Marta Rudowicz talks to Rafal Dembe, co-founder of the Rainbow Network, at NatWest Group in Poland.

The podcast is part of the #WorkingTogether programme promoting the values of the business services sector. The #WorkingTogether initiatives aim to show how organisations can draw on diversity as a driver of creativity and innovation

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