Hybridised work styles and the phygital workplace - the transformations taking place in the work environment according to Colliers Define

One of the results of the prolonged struggle with the challenges organisations, boards and managers have faced since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, is an ever-changing landscape of work styles and employee needs. A recent study conducted by Colliers Define platform advisors among a sample of 3123 respondents shows that we are not so much dealing with the emergence of new work styles, which are unique to each organisation. We are experiencing their hybridisation and deepening of the so-called phygital workplace – the extended work environment encompassing physical and digital.

Colliers research has shown that it is possible to identify three main work styles: diverse, focused (requiring concentration) and caller. However, these styles can look different from company to company. In order to better understand the new needs of mobile workers and how they use the work environment ecosystem, Colliers experts developed personas (profiles of people who work in similar ways) and gave them names that reflect their character – Analytical Albert, Collaborative Claire and Varied Victor. They also defined their needs for a physical workplace.


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  • How the pandemic has affected the work environment, including in your organisation?
  • What a phygital workplace is and what are the key elements in building one?
  • How do people whose style fits the profile of Claire, Albert or Victor work and what are their needs?