The first meeting of new ABSL authorities in 2020

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On January 9, 2020 we held the first meeting of new Strategic Board, Audit Committee and ABSL Management Board, newly elected in December, 2019.

During the meeting we discussed our plans for the 2020-2021 term, regarding the activities of Chapters & Clubs, as to meet the expectations and needs of ABSL members even more now.

The new structure of ABSL’s Business Intelligence area and 11th annual ABSL Summit were debated as well.

ABSL confirmed and approved the priorities set for 2020, which are Advocacy, Communication, Talent, Communities Engagement.

Once again we encourage you to learn about the new structure of ABSL authorities, elected for the 2020-2021 term of office:

ABSL Management Board

  • Marcin Nowak – Chairman of the Management Board
  • Paweł Panczyj – Board Member, Strategy & Business Development Director
  • Jolanta Jaworska – Board Member, VP
  • Janusz Dziurzyński – Board Member, VP

Strategic Board

President of the Strategic Board: Piotr Dziwok

Honorary President: Jacek Levernes

  • Vice – President Talents: Anna Berczyńska
  • Vice – President Conferences & Events: Janusz Dziurzyński
  • Vice – President Advocacy Public Affairs & Regulatory: Jolanta Jaworska
  • Vice – President PR & Marketing: Paweł Łopatka
  • Vice – President Business Intelligence & Thought Leadership: Wojciech Popławski
  • Vice – President Cross Chapter Cooperation: Magdalena Stach

  • Vice – President Kraków Region: Sebastian Drzewiecki
  • Vice – President Łódź Region: Wojciech Popławski
  • Vice – President Poznań Region: Maciej Tomaszewski
  • Vice – President Silesia Region: Jolanta Jaworska
  • Vice – President Tricity Region: Dariusz Bazeli
  • Vice – President Warsaw Region: Iwona Dudzińska
  • Vice – President Wrocław Region: Maciej Borkowski

Audit Committee

  • Agnieszka Jackowska- Durkacz
  • Radek Mierzejewski
  • Michał Wierzbowski