First GBS studies now available at Cracow University of Economics

ABSL has a pleasure to announce that in collaboration with Cracow University of Economics and leading GBS companies we have launched the very first bilingual GBS studies in Poland, offering three separate thematic blocks:

  • International project management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Brand management


  • learning future competences related to finance, data analytics and soft skills such as change management and effective project work
  • internship in global corporations with access to GBS leaders
  • very good command of English and IT tools used in the business services sector

“GBS studies give you a competitive advantage to better understand SSC/BPO sector and build your network with SSC/BPO sectors professionals to lift you up in your future career path.”

Anna Berczyńska, Executive Director, Schaeffler Global Services Europe, VP Talents, ABSL

“Besides classic and well-known competences that are desired by all industries - the business services sector pays special attention to the ability to work remotely in a very diverse environment and to adapt quickly and creatively to changing business conditions. Its another distinctive feature is the sense of connecting the intertwining strands in the sector and, using technology, creativity in bringing added value for the given business that GBS operates in.”

Janusz Dziurzyński, Head of the Management Board, ABSL


GBS Studies Partners 

This initiative is a major step towards increasing the role of business services sector in Poland. ABSL is proud to be part of this great achievement.

If you’re interested in beginning your professional career in GBS, for more information contact

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