Covid-19: ABSL updates

Covid-19 - key information

All the necessary information regarding Covid-19 as well as a list of recommended practices are available on the website of the Ministry of Health.

We encourage you to stay up to date with all the materials published there.

Return to office - recommendations and best practices

Companies begin returning to their offices. In this section we will upload up-to-date recommendations prepared by our Partners and Member companies, on safe return to office. We encourage you to see the already uploaded sources.

How can you help fight the virus? What others do to show their support?

#testujeMY – a social campaign initiated by INVICTA and Business Centre Club. How can you help? Make a donation, and #testujeMY will be able to purchase test kits, to increase access to COVID-19 infection diagnostics for patients and healthcare workers at hospitals and other medical facilities. Support the campaign.

JESTEŚMY RAZEM. POMAGAMY. – a social initiative integrating entrepreneurs ready to provide aid in light of COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the action, the initiative provides financial support to i.a. medical facilities, people affected by COVID-19 and to non-governmental organisations as well. We encourage our Member companies to engage in the action. Watch the action's movie and read the information leaflet.

A crowdfunding platform Planet Heroes, with #CitiVolunteers – volunteers from Citi bank in Poland, and The Kronenberg Foundation have launched a fundraising campaign to support medical staff in their everyday work. The project is a continuation of the action initiated by volunteers from Citi in Poland, who have been providing meals for 40 medical facilities in Warsaw and Olsztyn, third week in a row. As many as 335 paramedics have benefited from campaign - it gives as much as 5000 delivered meals. We can all make a contribution and provide a full-fledged and warm meal for the medical staff each day. Support the campaign.

#dajżekompa - a social campaign initiated by Krakow companies, with the support of Krakow Town Hall and Poland Business Run Foundation. If you have any redundant computer equipment, support the campaign and #dajżekompa will deliver it to students and teachers in need of such equipment, necesarry for remote education purposes. More information here.

Children's University Foundation has prepared sets of free educational materials for children, bearing in mind the current situation of parents working from home. Sets provide simple science experiments which allow children to discover the world of science in an active and entertaining way. We encourage you to download the materials (in Polish) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. All materials are created thanks to donations. See how to support the campaign.

Our Members and Partners support combating of COVID-19

IBM - IBM has launched a COVID-19 chatbot for Ministry of Health and Centre of Health Information Systems, which answers all virus related questions of the users. In addition, in collaboration with Cisco, IBM provides training on remote education for teachers, using Cisco Webex.

Other initiatives:

JLL - join the campaign initiated by our Strategic Partner, JLL - Real estate for real-life heroes. Make a donation and JLL will purchase personal protective equipment for medical staff, and medical equipment for the Central Clinical Hospital of the MSWiA in Warsaw. We encourage you to support the campaign.

Sabre - Sabre supports "Przyłbica dla medyka" action, organised by students from Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum, by donating office equipment. Sabre is also engaged in the process of printing 3D protective masks, which are later distributed to hospitals in Krakow. The company's other initiative is buying hand-sewn masks, to support Krakow hospitals.

Covid-19 vs. the situation in the business services sector

Our activities

The appeal of Enterprise Council against preventive confiscation of property

Establishment of Forum for the restoration of Polish economy

Anti-Crisis shield 2.0 - demands submitted by Enterprise Council

Anti-Crisis shield 2.0 - ABSL demands

The Enterprise Council - we need Anti-Crisis shield 2.0

Reactivation of the Enterprise Council

Anti-Crisis shield - a joint appeal of business organisations from Lesser Poland

Anti-Crisis shield - ABSL statement

Mercer survey among ABSL member companies - press release

Protection package for businesses in relation to Covid-19 - ABSL demands

The ABSL's statement on Prime Minister's decision to temporarily close the Polish borders.

ABSL in the media


In an interview for Puls Biznesu, Deputy Prime Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz mentioned ABSL in terms of attracting foreign investments to Poland - according to our data, these have not been withheld, during the pandemic.

j.emilewicz wycinek.png


Remote work at a time of pandemic – will it somehow affect the office market? Will offices become empty? Which provisions of the Anti-Crisis shield need to be clarified? Marcin Nowak, Head of Management Board ABSL answers these and other questions, in an interview for
Listen to the interview.



Marcin Nowak, Head of Management Board ABSL in the interview for Polish Press Agency (PAP) discussed the current state of recruitment and employment in the business services sector, emphasizing companies’ preparideness for crisis. The interview available here.



For Pulsu Biznesu, Anna Berczyńska, Executive Director Schaeffler GBS Europe and Vice-President ABSL Talents discussed the greatest challenges of remote work. Read the interview, and listen to the podcast.

ania berczyńska puls wycinek2.png


Jolanta Jaworska, Vice-President Advocacy Public Affairs & Regulatoryand Maciej Tomaszewski, Vice-President ABSL - Poznan discussed the current needs of the business services sector and its condition in Poznan.

Read the press release.

Jola i Maciek2.png


Maciej Tomaszewski in podcast for Radio Poznań

Maciej Tomaszewski, Process Manager ADM EMEA GBS and Vice-President ABSL - Poznan, gave his insights on remote work and big company management during uneasy times. Listen to the podcast. (in Polish)


In his comment for Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Piotr Dziwok, President of ABSL spoke on the current situation in the shared services sector in light of COVID-19 pandemic, discussing i.a. precautionary measures which have already been taken in the sector and companies' demands addressed to the Polish government.

Piotr Dziwok.png


Paweł Panczyj, Business & Strategy Development Director ABSL, discussed the demands of Polish entrepreneurs, submitted in relation with Anti-Crisis shield. Read the press release. (

wycinek paweł.png


For Puls Biznesu, Jacek Levernes, Honorary President ABSL and Wojciech Popławski, Vice-President Business Intelligence & Thought Leadership, spoke on situation in the business services sector in light of COVID-19.





16/03, 1pm„Coronavirus in the workplace – legal perspective" – a webinar organised in collaboration with Wiewiórski Legal experts – during the session we discussed the rights and obligations of employers, considering the change in the current working model caused by the outbreak of Covid-19. The presentation from the webinar (in Polish) available here.

18/03, 1pm"Coronavirus from medical and business perspective” – a session organised in collaboration with experts from LuxMed and MERCER. A presentation displayed during the webinar, prepared by MERCER, is available here.

If you didn't have a chance to participate in this session, we encourage you to watch its recorded version:

1st part- LuxMed

2nd part - Mercer

27.03, 9:30 am - "Coronavirus in the workplace - legal update" - See the presentation from the webinar.

30/03, 10 am - webinar with EY: "Practical ways of remote work effectiveness management". Download the webcast and the presentation.

3/04, 11am - "Covid-19 vs. business" - Łódź Chapter remote session. See the presentation from the webinar.

8/04, 10am - Webinar with JLL: "Remote work and office market in uneasy times - how to respond the challenges ahead?" More information here.

9/04, 3pm - "Coronavirus in the workplace - legal perspective". Webinar organised in collaboration with Wiewiórski Legal. See the presentation.

17/04, 11am - ABSL Łódź Covid-19 vs. business roundtable discussion. More info here.

21/04, 10am - Webinar with JLL: Remote work and office market in uneasy times - how to respond to challenges ahead? More info here.

22/04, 10am - ABSL Vendor Management Group (Pilot) workshop session. More info here.

23/04, 10am - Warsaw Chapter online session. Presentation from the meeting is available here.

28/04, 2pm - "Employee benefits during and after pandemic". Webinar organised in collaboration with experts of our Expertise Partner - MERCER. See a shortened presentation from the webinar. The full materials from the session are available at ABSL Workplace.

29/04, 10am - "Webinar: How to secure company's intellectual property against the exit of team members - legal aspects". More info here.

29/04, 10am - "Webinar: Back to the office". More info here.

30/04, 2pm - Business continuity at a time of pandemic - "Bydgoszcz - best practice round table call". More info here.

06/05, 10am - "Webinar: Return to office". Webinar organised in collaboration with our Strategic Partner JLL. See the presentation from the webinar.

08/05, 1pm - "IT webinar: The maturity of agile management methods in distributed teams creating IT software". See the presentation from the webinar.

12/05, 3pm - Webinar "Never let a serious crisis go to waste". Watch the video from the webinar.

13/05, 10am - "Challenges for employers managing employee pension plans in a time of crisis". Watch the video from the webinar.

18/05, 3pm - "Webinar: Return to office from legal and logistic perspective". Watch the video from the webinar:

21/05, 3pm - "Webinar: practical solutions and COVID-19 CASE STUDY on How to provide full work visibility and confidence in remote work". More info here.

22/05, 3pm - "Webinar: Return to office from HR perspective". Watch the video from the webinar:

03/06, 11am - Webinar: "Polish Investment Zone - savings in times of crisis" Watch the video from the webinar:

16-17.06.2020, 10:00 - ABSL Digital Forum. Business Resilience in the Face of Crisis. More information here.

17.06, godz. 16:30 - ABSL ORDINARY GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING (for ABSL Members only). More info here.

23/06, 10am - an online session - "How to optimise cooperation with IT suppliers?" More info here.

24/06, 2pm - ABSL IT Club webinar: "The use of artificial intelligence as a breakthrough in addressing the challenges arising in connection with Covid-19". More info here.

25/06, 3pm - Warsaw Round Table discussion. More info here.

30/06, 11 am - Business Transformation Club remote session. More info here.

1/07, 2pm - online session - New Normal by Silesia. More info here.

9/07, 8:30 am - "Work without borders within the law - removing barriers to cross-border work" - organized by ABSL Advocacy. More info here.

15/07, 3pm - "Cloud 4Marketing." More info here.

28/07, 11am - "IT Talent & People Analytics in the New Reality" - a webinar organized in collaboration with our Expertise Partner Talent Alpha. More info here.

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