Capgemini & ABSL Report - 25 years of Capgemini in Poland

"Capgemini is an organization that over the past 25 years has become the largest employer in the BSS sector in Poland. The company takes full advantage of the investment potential that our country has to offer. Among almost 10 thousand employees located in Poland, one can find a number of experts performing roles that are critical to the company’s global development. Their part in reshaping HR and financial departments of organizations operating on a worldwide scale is invaluable and proves that Poland with its talent pool consisting of both senior experts and entry level specialists can compete with other locations in Europe. Capgemini’s focus on building structures in Poland makes the company a top player in terms of creating local labor markets and communities in cities such as Opole, Katowice, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Krakow, Poznań and Lublin. Being the largest BSS investor, Capgemini has been an integral part of the development of Poland’s job market, the sector and investment potential, providing opportunities for employees, shareholders, and clients, as well as local communities by means of various social initiatives."

Paweł Panczyj, Strategy & Business Development Director ABSL

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